what’s the best day of your 2010????

i know its hard to choose right? how many days are there in a year??? its 360+ something like that, damn i forgot the exact count o days per year but i know its 360+ right??? let’s us not battle about it, so what in your own opinion is the best day of your 2010??

well for me, everyday is the best day ever!!!! pretty lame huh, yeah i know people think always that my ideas are pretty lame well i, myself is already immune to that idea so i don’t even care about what they say about me or something like that…hehehe well i guess i spoke way to far…but the reason that i chose everyday is that, i get to deal ad meet with extraordinary people that has lets just say become a par of my life….







try reading it log on to mangafox.com

few days ago i started to this manga entitled Rizelmine, its all about a young man tomonori iwaki a 14 year old student who happens to have like older women like her sensei. one afternoon after on his way back home he noticed a black car parked outside their residence then after opening the door rizel (a genetically engineered human which happen to be the prototype) on the other hand jumped over him and hug him and said that they’re already married and showed iwaki their marriage contract. then of course you have to read it afterwards ha ha i don’t want to spoil you ha ha. all i can say is this one is very good to read and even though its a little bit childish you’ll enjoy reading it because of its kawaii(cute) storyline.