music all over again


sa silong ng musika…..

sa silong mo,
ako’y madalas tumambay
at araw-araw tayong naglalakbay
sa mundo mong puno ng salita at himig na walang kasing kulay

sa silong mo
ako’y tumatakbo tuwing naguguluhan,
masama ang pakiramdam
o kaya’y kung kailangan ko ng kausap o kakuwentuhan

sa silong mo
gustong gusto kong mag-isa
sa tuwing sa aki’y walang nakakaintindi at naniniwala

sa silong mo
ang lahat nadama ko
kaya sana hindi ka magbago
at patuloy mo padin akong pasilungin sa silong mo.

what’s the best day of your 2010????

i know its hard to choose right? how many days are there in a year??? its 360+ something like that, damn i forgot the exact count o days per year but i know its 360+ right??? let’s us not battle about it, so what in your own opinion is the best day of your 2010??

well for me, everyday is the best day ever!!!! pretty lame huh, yeah i know people think always that my ideas are pretty lame well i, myself is already immune to that idea so i don’t even care about what they say about me or something like that…hehehe well i guess i spoke way to far…but the reason that i chose everyday is that, i get to deal ad meet with extraordinary people that has lets just say become a par of my life….






the ninth season winner of the ever famous American idol is releasing his major-label debut album entitled LEE DEWYZE LIVE IT UP this album contains equally beautiful 11 tracks and the first single is called Live It Up. the melody and rhythm, the lyrics and the voice are all awesome. just replaced the featured album so you may click the following songs to be able to listen to them via youtube.

here are the list of tracks:

1. Live It Up

2.Sweet Serendipity

3.It’s Gotta Be Love

4.Dear Isabelle

5.Beautiful Like You

6.Stay Here

7.Me and My Jealousy

8.Brooklyn Bridge


10.Earth Stood Still

11.A Song About Love

just a boy: a valentine post

chocolates, heart shaped balloons, love songs, love quotes and a bunch of dates. well that’s how others celebrate valentines day. As for me, valentines is just like any ordinary day I’ll just sleep it away but fore i go to sleep i usually listen to a bunch of love and sad songs to set-up my mood actually.for the past 19 years of my life, I’ve never been in a relationship(but I’m not gay), but hey!i can give a couple of advice to those who have a little conflict in their relationships, see not all people who have experience in being in a relationship are good at it, sometimes single people understand how hard it is to be in a relationship. Well anyways let’s not talk about me let’s talk about love. Love according to my vocabulary is a state where two hearts beats as one(yeah watta definition). What about you, what’s your definition of LOVE? moving on, i really need to ask this questions: (1) have you ever been in love? (2) do you believe in love at first sight?. Well, these questions are very basic but you don’t have to answer it anyway. As i go over news papers this morning, aside from politics there are a bunch of love topics. can you believe it? it’s kinda driving me crazy… Damn, what’s with love anyway? i wanna feel it(exclude the ones i receive from my family and my friends) even in the internet it’s all about love and now love songs are played via radio. Darn it, looks like I’m the only one left with no one to love me the way i want it to be. watching some love themed movies sometimes makes me fall in love and emotional at the same time but at least they gave me the chance to see how fantasy differ from reality. one of my fave line is from chasing liberty: “YOU KNOW FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS OF MY LIFE I’VE BEEN CONTENTED UNTIL YOU CAME AND I FELL IN LOVE”, well i said it just how much i remember it, though that’s not the exact words Ben Calder(Matthew Goode) told Anna foster(Mandy Moore) on the film and one of my many fave love themed movie is “A Walk to Remember” starring Mandy Moore again , it’s not that she’s on of my fave celebs, the story line of that film is very beautiful and it got my eyes wet all over again. Two of my fave songs are from Brian Littrell and Brian McKnight (1) one last cry and the other is (2) Back at one. well that’s all i have to say even in streets i see heart shaped balloons hehehe. don’t forget to grab one and give to your special someone. Have a merry CARDIOVASCULAR MUSCLE TO YOU.

my favorite dance hits of 2009

hey guys,

              i’d like to share with you may top 6 fave hits this year hope you enjoy listening to them like i do.( just click the higlighted phrase so that you can listen to them) plus an additional song from Miley Cyrus Butterfly Fly Away and Taylor Swift Hey Stephen and last but not the least Honor Society Where are you now and David Archuleta  My Hands

1.Miley Cyrus Party in the USA  

2. Jay Sean Down 

3.Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling

4.Cobra Starship Good Girls Go Bad

5.paradiso girls Patron Tequila

6.Pitbull Hotel Room Service