The way I feel #9

Why do I have the habit of falling for someone who doesn’t fall for me.


My BLUE Valentine

For years now its been my goal
To find you,the missing part of my soul
And be my side to complete me as a whole.

My heart’s been blue
Since i haven’t found the one made just for me, you
At the red line here i stand
Waiting for God to locate you by his hand
Or to fairygod mother grant my heart’s wish just by a wave of her wand
I’m still stuck here looking and searching
Till i find the one ive been dreaming.

my shattered dreams

.,when you first presented yourself to me

i accepted you whole heartedly

i thought that when your by my side

in every endeavor we will conquer every tide

i know i let you down

for giving my all, for not being the best

but it;s not like that now

i’m ready to take chances again

suddenly you’ve changed

my plans all wasted

my dreams all shattered

you left me  here alone, in the dark

and won’t give me another chance..

sa silong ng musika…..

sa silong mo,
ako’y madalas tumambay
at araw-araw tayong naglalakbay
sa mundo mong puno ng salita at himig na walang kasing kulay

sa silong mo
ako’y tumatakbo tuwing naguguluhan,
masama ang pakiramdam
o kaya’y kung kailangan ko ng kausap o kakuwentuhan

sa silong mo
gustong gusto kong mag-isa
sa tuwing sa aki’y walang nakakaintindi at naniniwala

sa silong mo
ang lahat nadama ko
kaya sana hindi ka magbago
at patuloy mo padin akong pasilungin sa silong mo.

what’s the best day of your 2010????

i know its hard to choose right? how many days are there in a year??? its 360+ something like that, damn i forgot the exact count o days per year but i know its 360+ right??? let’s us not battle about it, so what in your own opinion is the best day of your 2010??

well for me, everyday is the best day ever!!!! pretty lame huh, yeah i know people think always that my ideas are pretty lame well i, myself is already immune to that idea so i don’t even care about what they say about me or something like that…hehehe well i guess i spoke way to far…but the reason that i chose everyday is that, i get to deal ad meet with extraordinary people that has lets just say become a par of my life….





vacation blues

bakit ka ganyan? nung inaasam-asam kita excited ako pero ngayong andito kana nagsasawa nako sayu hmpft tapos xmasz and new year is past approaching bilang nanaman ang araw kong kasama ka pero anu, hindi ko pa nagagawa yung gusto kong gawin sayo !. haiszt panu yan?? wala padin akong nagawa kahit isa sa mga balak ko sayu….happy holidays 😛