erhu’s equations

food + music + TV + blogging + texting + surfing the net = HOBBY

cooking(adobo etc., simple dishes only) + eating + sleeping + drawing + singing( EXCUSE ME! I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! HA HA ) + of course doing nothing( it’s my greatest talent ever!!!!) =TALENT


18 thoughts on “erhu’s equations

      1. yes, but just a little word. my wordpress is group khmer. i have only
        but my cousin has much more than me. he got friendster, FaceBook, MultiPly, ning, blogspot too. i also have blogspot too, but just started.

    1. ahehehe bakit may sir???? ahehehehe same garud tayu ah hehehehe…sure x-links tayu no prob 🙂 happy happy new year sayu 🙂

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