Not so busy on a holiday

What do you do on a holiday?  You probably went on unwinding in some place or something but for me I just stsayed at home and did this. This is how I spent my holiday.


On our way back from the grocery store my sister suggested to take a picture of the sunset. So I took it. What a beatufil view :)✌.

Then later that evening I decided to be crafty in some way. I remember I bought a sketchpad late last year so I decided to decorate the front cover to make it look like more, how do call this thing?hmmmmm. Well anyways here’s what I did.


I made this when I was still in college. So this an example of what will the outcome of this project

First, I needed materials for this project and so I went on looking into some of my stuffs.

1. Scissor, Glue and Scotch Tape.


2. Cut out materials from my old magazines


3. Sketchpad


Late that night I finished my project and just covered it with the scotch tape for covering.
Here’s my finished porject😱😱😱



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