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Look at These Gorgeous Blogs.


Today my LIFE Begins…

Its been a month, nine days and counting since I step out of school and search for what’s in-store for me, yes finally i finished my chosen profession and yes i did land on a simple job. Things ain’t easy out of school, that sometimes i wish i can still go back but my priorities have changed to a more better one. Not much has changed on my day to day routine because when i was still in school i used to wake up early (too early! i guess) to attend on my job (though more often I’m late), back then i was working as a Student Checker, and after my duties my classes starts until evening. I won’t say that its difficult because i never thought about it that way. To tell you the truth “I enjoyed every single minute I was working while I’m on school simply because they all became my friends (until today we do contact each other)”, well except for the instructors who I  think didn’t like me that much coz i always marked ’em Late or Absent during their class ( ha ha peace yo! ). A lot of memories, faces and places that I missed now and i think they do too (coz that’s what they always told me). Stressful days and lack of sleep, well i guess that’s an integral part of working that i will soon be used too afterwards…I remember hearing this phrase “IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG YOU GET THERE, IT’S THE PEOPLE YOU MEET ALONG THE WAY THAT MATTERS MOST”. 

Well I guess this is where i end my post…catch you later! smile a lot!

this has been your another WordPress blogger ErHu IanYce… Signing Off..