how was you 2011?

4 hours to go before the calendar leaps from year 2011 to year 2012. i decided to make a year-ender post, so i guess this is it. resolutions? i guess i don’t have one ha ha ‘coz sometimes i don’t have the chance to really stick with it. how was your 2011? well that’s the question everyone is asking from television prog’s to everyone i know. well how was it? mine? i’d say it’s full of effort yet fun and emotional..ha ha at least that’s how i think it is..maybe because, i guess its this year that i got the opportunity to work while studying at the same to meet old and new faces..and also this year that i get so emotional because my parents asked me to rest from my studies because of financial stuff (its the reason why i had to work).

i am happy, on the other hand because despite all of this i’m glad i have experienced everything..well that’s how life is no pain no gain..this is the part where i need to end my post ‘coz i can say no more..



Merry Christmas

it’s the time of the year when we celebrate Jesus’s birth..merry Christmas to one and all…peace out