New Themes: Photography, Brand New Day, and Bouquet

New Themes: Photography, Brand New Day, and Bouquet.


what’s instore for me?

What if i graduated on time? feels great right? take took the board and wait for the result..but if i did, i wouldn’t had the chance to work and study at the same time. i wouldn’t had the chance to meet new friends, become a godparent, experienced earning money for my tuition and pay my own bills’s kinda hard yes, but its worth it because i know where my efforts ain’t  my intention to not finish my chosen career on time. who would want that? i understand my parents on why sometimes they complain and at one point in time they asked me to rest my studies for just a while..with our current financial status you’ll understand why..well i guess that’s how life works..maybe God has a while different plan for each and one of best advice? uhm…i guess if you failed at first time try harder to succeed the next time around..i just understand these things and i am looking forward on  what’s instore for me…..