holiday countdown 101

how many days before Christmas? well the last i checked the calendar there are only 39 days to go! and i know that its too early to publish a Christmas post but i just can’t wait!. Christmas songs are starting to air on every radio channels, Christmas lights are already set, you can watch them shine at night in every house that you could possibly passed in our place, but there are no Christmas carolers yet and i don’t know why? usually they start caroling in the midst of November…you’ll see people coming to super markets to buy and stock food  for the holidays while the prices are cheaper and you’ll feel the sudden change of weather; it’s starting to rain a lot, the wind, its starting to feel cold. Christmas is not all about food and vacation its about the birth of Christ. you want to know why i reminded you about this? the answer is a lot of our youngsters today forget about that, instead of Christ, they are all looking forward to Santa Claus and his presents. I’m not saying that it is wrong, what I’m trying to point out here is let’s teach them that when Christmas is coming we commemorate the birth of Christ and its just a coincidence that on Christmas eve that’s the time Santa Claus give precious gift to every nice kids all over the world – coz i myself once believed in Santa when I’m in my childhood days but the difference is i know that we celebrate the coming of Christ. Christmas is also about family reunions and bonding. we all know this , family members who are away, always go back to that same place that they knew and share the same bond they always have. from setting the lights, preparing the food until attending church masses with our relatives and friends. we always do that, I’m glad we could. and also, Christmas is all about forgiving, so forgive those people who have hurt you and forget the pain even if its hard to do. give a thank letter or card to those who are kind to you and go write you own Christmas list… 🙂 advanced merry Christmas everyone :)keep safe and love lots…


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