i hate luv storys

I’ve been watching bollywood movies for the past few days and i have to admit and shocked at the same time because all i thought was bollywood films are boring and corny because of the fact that i don’t understand their language and of those musical segments of their movies but i was wrong, in fact i love watching it now than before ( THANKS FOR THE ENGLISH SUBTITLE). I’ve seen Aamir Khan‘s “3 idiots and Ghajini” both were amazing movies. the most recent bollywood film that i saw was “I HATE LUV STORYS” starring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor. its a story about her who loves  love stories and him who hates love stories. she was engaged while he was just playing around until she realized her feelings for him and confessed but he rejected her. then times comes and he realized his feelings for her and confessed but by that time she decline. every story has its own twists and you’ll understand why he hates love stories so much. will they end up together? well its up to you to discover this romantic-comedy flick. as Veer said ” THIS OS NOT A LOVE STORY, ITS A SAGA”

after watching this movie the sings gets stuck in my head even though i don’t understand them (like k-pop songs). well here are the list of songs  and this has been your WMR(wordpress movie reviewer -ha ha ha self-declared!) Erhu saying see you next time 🙂

1.Bin Tere by Shafqat Amanal Ali ft. Sunidhi Chauhan

2. Jab Mila Tu by Vishal Dadlani

3.I Hate Luv Storys by Vishal Dadlani

4.Bahara by Shreya Goshal ft. Sona Mohapatra

5.Sadka by Suraj Jagan ft. MAhalaxmi lyer

6.Bin Tere (Reprise) by SheklarRavijani

7.Bahara (chill version) by Rahat Fateh Ali

8.Bin Tere (remix) by Dj Kiran