before OWL CITYthere was SKY SAILING

funny isn’t it to look from the past, actually for Adam he wrote these songs before he was known as OWL CITY and was known as SKY SAILING. I’ve found these songs and love it as well as those songs from his first album in the name of owl city. the lyrics are so  honest and young ha ha. that’s  how i describe it. 🙂

try listening to his songs as sky sailing. 🙂

her famous last word

last night, while listening to owl city’s vanilla twilight everything had happened between us suddenly flashes back into my mind. it was that day, that unforgettable day, it was the 15th of June when you said yes and we became an item. we were so young and innocent back then, I’m so happy that you are mine and so are you towards me.

we’ve been through high and lows, we’ve fought all our issues side by side but after two years of being together you suddenly became cold to me that made me ask “are you all grown tired of me?” but not a single word came out to your cherry lips.

after that afternoon, you stopped seeing me. no messages, no phone calls, i tried to call you but no one’s answering the phone that made me think “did i lost my place in her heart?”

sleepless nights, silent days I’ve been through but still nit a single word from you

then came one day, an unforgettable day, you suddenly called you said “meet me at our meeting place” i immediately run and while I’m on my way i remember that it was our third year anniversary, June 15, so i brought you a bouquet of flowers. upon arriving at our meeting place, i saw you standing there i run to you to give my present but you didn’t look so glad and didn’t took my present then tears come pouring through her eyes while saying GOODBYE. 😦

no pasaway today

sorry no pasaway today. panu nanakawan yung karoom ko ng 2 usb at yung phone nya haiszt hindi kaexpect expect yung nagyari kasi magkatabi kame good thing nasa likod ng pilloe ko yung phone ko hmpft panguit na nga yung phone ko mananakaw pa!, natry kom na din nanakawan sa PE class ko pa nung freshmen pa lng ako sayang kasi gioft yun nung bday ko sony ericsom pa aman din hmpft iniyakan ko ah sayang eh hmpft saka yung value. well eto nga goodboy ako ngayun ha ha bawal pasaway ngayun pero nagenjoy ako nung tinakbuhan ko yung guard first time in erhu’s history ko ginawa yun maygad!

well may nkita nanaman akong kanta eto pakinggan mo lang. 🙂

gang diot nlang muna next time ulit 🙂

qoutes/messages of the day

here are some qoutes that are saved in my inbox.

1.”Follow excellence and success will chase you”

2.”there are things in life that aren’t meant to stay. sometimes, CHANGE may not be what we want but sometimes, CHANGE is exactly what we need”

3.”in every college exam.. it is never  question of who, what, when, why, how.. but its a question of “ha? anu to? tinuro ba to? bat ganito?!” minsan nga agnito pa..psst! no.1 nga? wag mong takpan! lakihan mo naman sulat mo! wag ka masyado pahalata! wait nakatingin si ma’am! and worst of all: biglang may bumalibag na lukot na papel, tinamaan ka, magagalit ka pa! grasya pala..

4.”sometimes relationships are like tom & jerry. they tease each other, they knock each other down, they irritate each other but can’t live without the other.”

5.”if you want to forget’ve got to let someone help you..give yourself a chance again..don’t remain weak there’s always someone who’ll love you better.”

6.”bees can’t fly because their small wings are fragile for their heavy bodies. but they are able to..because they think they can. “life is a battle ofwills, not a battle of skills. so more often than not, the person who wins is the one who thinks s/he can.”

the real pasaway in me

intrams ngaun dito sa school namin at once na pumasok ka sa tatlong gates sigurading hindi kana makakalabas. may mga correspondiong sanctions kasi kapag hindi ka umatend kaya no choice aatend at aatend ka!. ayun kakatapos ko lang manuod ng death note sa AVR movie un kasi meron akong kopya ng series nun eh for sure. ayun di nagCR ako pagkatapos nagpabango pa nga ako kasi manunuod pa sana ako ng INU YASHA the movie rin yata yun kasi natapos ko na din yung series nun eh andaming nakapila so nagback out ako kasi baka mawalan ako ng upuan di hintay ako sa gate 1 kung pwede nang lumabas ayun andaming tumatakas pero walang nakakalabas di pakunwari pa akong nagtetext at may hinihintay taz pag lingon ko wala na yung guard di nagsitakbuhan yung mga ibang studyante hinanap ko yung guard pero kinakausap nya yung isa pang guard sa guard house kaya todo takbo ako. haiiszt dapat pala sumali ako sa mga running events ambilis kong tumakbo ha ha buti nalang walang security cam ha ha hndi ako bistado. kahit kaninang umaga ganun din tumakas ako kasama ko yung friend ko ha ha ha pinatanggal ko yung ID nya kasi hinaharang yung may mga ID taz sumabay kami sa mga ibang lalabas sabi ba naman ng guard pakisara yung gate at sumusunod kami sa kanila, sinara naman nila hinila ako sabay sabing hindi naman kami studyante dito. ha ha ha ako pa yung nagalit haiszzt eto dito ako ngayung comp shop nila ate MJ panetnet at payoutubeyoutube. ha ha ha sobramg PASAWAY kung anu anong nasasabi para lang makalabas….unitl tomorrow. ingat much! (><)

PS. i found this song try listening to it. xoxo