makabagong bugtong

paalala: BAWAL ANG GREEN MINDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

isang baklita nakaupo sa papa(laptop)

mahaba’t matigas nang isinubo’y kumatas(ice candy)

malaki at maumbok, hinihimas bago pumasok(door knob)

malapad sa paningin masrap pindutin (iphone)

ibuka at higupin sungkitin bago kainin(tahong)

ipinasok na lambutin matigas nang hughutin(yelo)

ang dulo’y mapula puti ang ibinubuga(yosi)


naaalala mo pa ba? :)

matanong ko lang,

nung bata kaba, kinagat mu din yung bakal ng monggol pencil para lumabas yung eraser at makapagbura ka?

pinapapak mo din ba yung milo at bearbrand?

kumakanta ka din ba noon sa harap ng electric fan?

sinisilip mo din ba noon yung ref kung mamamatay yung ilaw kapag sinasara?

kumain ka din ba ng nectar ng santan?

hahaha naaalala mo pa ba?

ang mga pinaggagagawa mo nung ika’y bata pa?

ishare mu naman jan….:))

10 questions without answers

here are the following questions:

1. Does Jennifer love Hewitt?

2.Where did Rachelle  Anne Go?

3. Why is Norman Black and Redford White? well then, is Chris Brown?

4.Where did Sandara Park?

5. Is Chow Yun Fat?

6. What did Henry Sy?

7. Did Jordin Sparks?

8.When will Orlando Bloom?

9.What is Victoria’s Secret?

10.What does David Cook?

kinda funny isn’t it? try to think of it! (a_a,)

tears by erhu

rarely agent of felicity

merely agent of misery

photograph of integrity

picture of woe

cloudless as water;

cruel as mourning

and as pure as crystal

an emotion of the heart

an action of the eye,

but don’t forget that..

it may fall a thousand times,

it will never fade until the end of time…

i am not that good in writing i know but, it always surprises me when i could write on something that pops out my mind and i never imagined myself blogging too i just don’t know! suddenly I’m fond of it……

the way i feel #5

after all this time i was so sad and never saw the other side of it

but hey who knows what happens next just like what happens this afternoon

i was able to open up my feelings to the person who tried her best to

understand me, the real me.

i don’t know if i should be happy coz i been able to open up it really ease the

loneliness i’ve been felling a lil bit just like what she said to me…..:)

looking forward to the days that’ll be happy again….