the way i feel #4

do you know the feeling of being sad without even knowing the reason behind this feeling?

well that’s how i feel right now, it’s like I’m lacking of something, something that I’ve been  longing for but doesn’t know what it is really…….


the funny bunny

i know its way too late but ever since i watch the trailer of this comedie flick in 2008 i was so excited to watch it because it kinda makes me laugh-that is why we call it a comedie flick cause it makes us laugh ah ha ha silly me.though i only watch it last sunday i was alte i know but i don’t care he he he. well, the story is all bout a playboy bunny named shelly who became friends with the girls from the alpha zeta sorority after she was pulled out from the mansion, and the whole story begins she transform the nerdy zeta girls to steamy hot calendar girls-well that’s for collecting money fore they loose their sorority house. the story has a lot of funny moments. this flick also made me cry and laugh at the same time especailly when the both the zeta girls-her friends turned thier back on her while having a love problem with this guy. but hey look into the bright side evry story has a happily ever after. hehe