piece of advice-2

1. “why doesevrything have to be so hardsometimes? maybe because if it was easy, we’d never know if anything was worth it…”

2. “life never seems to be the way we want it to be
but we need to live it the best way we can.
there’s no perfect life..
but qwe can fill it with perfect moments!..”

3. “always listen to what a drunk person has to say.
remember: a drunk mind speaks the real heart!”

4. “the quality of your life depends on how you lovethe things you do, how you do the things you love & how you love the one who loves you..”

5. ‘if you find yourself wrong iny certain situation, there are only two thingsyou must do..
the more you talk, the more explanation to do & the more guilty you become.”

6. “what situatoin you may be, don’t ever be cold to someone you care about.
indifference and unanswered question hurts more than angry words.”

7. “never search your happiness in others
it will just make you feel alone
rather serach it in yourself
it will make you feel happy even if you are left alone..”