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few days ago i started to this manga entitled Rizelmine, its all about a young man tomonori iwaki a 14 year old student who happens to have like older women like her sensei. one afternoon after on his way back home he noticed a black car parked outside their residence then after opening the door rizel (a genetically engineered human which happen to be the prototype) on the other hand jumped over him and hug him and said that they’re already married and showed iwaki their marriage contract. then of course you have to read it afterwards ha ha i don’t want to spoil you ha ha. all i can say is this one is very good to read and even though its a little bit childish you’ll enjoy reading it because of its kawaii(cute) storyline.


writing was never easy

I’ve been working on my supposed to be novel but words don’t come out right and i don’t know how to begin.
i got a story stocked up in my head but still i don’t know how to start writing.
things are all in my mind school papers and the like,
so i don’t know where to start.

my favorite dance hits of 2009

hey guys,

              i’d like to share with you may top 6 fave hits this year hope you enjoy listening to them like i do.( just click the higlighted phrase so that you can listen to them) plus an additional song from Miley Cyrus Butterfly Fly Away and Taylor Swift Hey Stephen and last but not the least Honor Society Where are you now and David Archuleta  My Hands

1.Miley Cyrus Party in the USA  

2. Jay Sean Down 

3.Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling

4.Cobra Starship Good Girls Go Bad

5.paradiso girls Patron Tequila

6.Pitbull Hotel Room Service

es2jante bluz

sad student

i'm really sad


“it’s my fault”

i just had my retake exam and it’s more difficult than the first time i took the exam though i reviewed all our past lessons and i’m not sure if i’m going to pass that because i’m uncertain on my answers.  i sometimes  don’t understand every lesson even though i want to concentrate on it, it’s very boring and the instructor( that’s how we address our professors here) keeps on repeating all the examples on the book. i admit it, i myself didn’t pay too much attention on the lesson but you know sometimes it’s not the students that is lacking, sometimes it’s the instructor though i’m not blaming any of them. i know all of the oyu will react on this but i’m just saying what i really feel about it.