marie digby

try to listen to marie’s  acoustic version of umbrella. it’really good and very catchy but im not saying that rihanna’s rendition is not good it also makes me move and sing out loud. latest news about our youtube sensation! according to what i’ve read she’ll have a concert here in the philipines on august 01  i think hehe i’m not very sure where the venue will be either hehehe…..



Imagine a man with fifteen pesos in his pocket
how unfortunate isn’t he?
That even a good meal his money can’t buy,
embracing a jar with a couple drops of water, will you think he can survive?

Will you give him sympathy for his situation caused by his wrong doings?
or will you not?
Will you let his stomach growl in hunger because he has lesser than nothing,
or nothing at all, instead will you share him what you have
and make him happy once more?

Now, try to be in that man’s shoe
will you think that someone will help you?
You don’t want them to turn their back on you
for you help them once too…

wasak kang bata ka

gf invited her bf for dinner with her parents.

bf got excited. if something were to happen , it would be thier first time.

so, he went to a pharmacy and asked a pharmacist bout the best condom to get.

that night, dinner was served and they started to pray…

after 5mins, bf was still praying.

10mins later and still no reaction from him.

gf whispered: i had no idea you wereso religious.

bf: i had no idea your mom is a pharmacist…

hahah wasak na wasak ……..


eto pang isa,

juan: pangarap kong kumita ng 300,00 monthly

gay ni daddy..

pedro: wow! ganyan kalaki kinikita ng daddy mo?

juan: hindi yan din ang pangarap niya!


wasak na wasak hahaha tae…..

beware! the new moon is rising….


hello there, edward-bella fans worry no more because the sequel of the movie twigligfht entitled “new moon” will be out soon. one of the article i read was co-star taylor lautner will finally transform into a werewolf that’s why after shooting twiglight he immediately worked-out to a bulkier body, maybe because it’s dank to have a dank body that will fit in the transition of his transformation from a human to a werewolf. so we’ll be expecting a vampire-werewolf feud just like in underworld. it’ll be one bad movie(ooops don’t get me wrong! bad is a slang term which means extreme)hmmm i’m just wondering will it follow the steps of twilight or will you make it a hit just like twilight?.

a life with no direction

19 years have passed still i don’t know where i was

i’ve been hanging around to all the places that i’ve been

but still my story is no where to found

i meet and chat with people i know

but even with words i’m still unknown

my life’s difficult and so others towards  me

because i guess they don’t know me

they don’t understand the way i am

they think i’m not good enough

to be who really i wanna be….

rebel without a clue

buckle_rebel_tyears have passed and yet you don’t realize thta your a rebel. yes, a rebel without a clue…. once you wanted to get out of your parents house because your tired of being a good son that they want you to be, but you just want to be yourself, the real you but you just can’t. there are times that you realize that what if you even before disobeyed them and wonders how it feels? yes, i know that you often think of it or so, sometimes you want revenge ha ha funny isn’t it? as if you can, but try to think of it what if you can? well guess you can’t…. now that your away from them tell me how thus it feels? does it feels satisfying? what do you think? now that your free, free of doing enything you want without anyone to restrict and tell what to do….tell me what will you do?