happy mother’s day!

mami, nay, inang, mama this are we call them. they are the women who had brought us up to where we are, who we are and to what we are. they become a friend, a teacher, a doctor/nurse, a councilor and an inspiration to most of us. today, is a very special day for themand it’s the time for us to thank and appreciate all trhe hardships they come across for us.TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE, ESPECIALLY TO MY MOM:
MAMI THANK YOU for all the love and care, THANK YOU for showing me waht life is all about and for giving me the chance to see how beautiful the world is. THANK YOU for the patience in carrying me into your womb for 9 months and babysitting me for 7 years and THANK YOU for being there always when i need you. SORRY if i’m “pasaway” sometimes, SORRY because “NASASAGOT KITA” sometimes MEJO MATIGAS DIN KASI ULO MO hehehe. SORRY to all the bad things i do and to the things i haven’t occured yet. I SALUTE YOU because even though your working you still manage to have quality time for us, you family and you still make me laugheven though “KORNI” na yung joke mo! mas nakakatawa kasi yung tawa mo e hehehe. you may not oftenly hear this to me, but i want all hte people out there to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH to the nth power hehehe HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU. PAHABOL SULAT to both my sisters, mga dugang! HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU! hehe.