recently i watched this movie “PUSH” starring Chris Evans (human torch of fantastic force) and other hollywood artists Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning,Djimon Hounsou. well this movie is a lillte bit let us say bitin because he didn’t use his powers very well but it’s kinda exciting to watch because of their awesome powers.  try watching it happy viewing!



“ang mga taong hondi photogenic at di magawang maging maganda at gwapo sa picture..

laging suggestion:



chocolate and beer

*why do girls eat chocolate right after breaking up?

>because the sweetness of the chocolate makes them forget the bitterness of breaking up.

*why do boys drink beer right after breaking up?

>because  the bitterness of the beer makes them forget the sweetness of the girl.




eragon is a book based movie written by  Christopher Paolini the story is all about eragon a farm boy who accidentally fond a mysterious egg while he is in the mountains. he later discovers that it was a dragon egg named Saphira. although alam ko na many of you already watched this movie nagbibigay lang ako ng review about this movie. this film was released 3 years ago(2006). the theme song is so great it matches the movie. it was orginally performed by avril lavigne the song is entittled keep holding on it’s a great song try listening to it.


hehehe wala nanaman si SABADO( surveying office lab assistant), hay kapelo kung nkinig lan ako sa instincs ko di sana nanunuod na ako nagyun ng t.v. hehehe asar eh hindi pa namen tapus yung cadatral survey namen hayz asar tlaga