the seeker: the dark is rising

the seeker the dark is rising
(based from the book of Susan Cooper)these film is all about a 14 year old boy whose name is Will Stanton(Alexander Ludwig) , who will later discover that he is the seeker and at the same time discovers his awesome powers by the help of the “old ones”( they are the guardians of the forces of the light),will the seeker finds the six signs and will the light win over the dark?
well if you want to know you better watch it.



madmi sa ating mga countrymen nowadays used the term already specially ,the marte ones they used it as their signature, kung papasinin mo paligid mu lalo na if your inside the campus many students used it yung pasosyal an effect kung baga,  and yah they use it often already, nakakasar na nga sila kasi we have the same words already, and yah if you try to have a survey o this you’ll fund out that many of us use it often already. LOL